Important Charter Update


Important Charter Update

Charter Agreement Amendment

Goals and Academic Achievement Expectations*

It is our mission to shape the hearts and minds of our students positively, by providing them with an academically rigorous, content rich curriculum, an environment in which character is modeled and promoted, and a community in which to build positive relationships with others.

Our 10-year charter review was held on February 22, 2016.  The DC Public Charter School Board voted to grant us continuance to operate in the District of Columbia.  At that time, we also re-evaluated our goals and academic achievement expectations and met with our Board of Trustees to determine our next course of action leading into our charter renewal in the 2019-2020 school year.

Next Steps…

We are adopting the Performance Management Framework!

As we refine our instructional program to meet the diverse needs of students, our Board of Trustees voted to adopt the Performance Management Framework (PMF) to serve as our measurement tool for our goals and academic achievement expectations.


*Your child should have brought home this notice, please sign this important notice, acknowledging that you are aware that Imagine Hope Community Charter School is in the process of amending our charter agreement by adopting the Performance Management Framework (PMF).  The PMF is designed to measure specific indicators each year to assess the quality of the instructional and organizational program.  This information will be accessible to parents annually through the DC Public Charter School’s website.  We will also hold several parent informational sessions each year to inform you of our PMF status.

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