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If you have specific questions about a student enrollment, please send an email or give us a call

Enrollment at Lamond


Imagine Hope Community Charter School, Lamond Campus serves students from Pre-k 3 through 5th grade. Students and families seeking to exercise school choice, academic rigor, and character development should come visit Imagine Hope Lamond for a school tour. Enrolling at Lamond means students have the opportunity to grow in their academic pursuits and as citizens of the world.

Lamond offers programs such as Core Knowledge curriculum, music, Physical Education, and technology to improve student’s 21st century skill sets.

Enrollment Checklist

For more information on enrolling your child at Imagine Hope Lamond, please contact Ms. Teresa Simms or April Fennell at (202) 722-4421 or teresa.simms@imagineschools.com.

1. Schedule a Visit!

Schedule a time to come and see our amazing facilities and take in the energy of our tremendous school environment. Please call our main office to set up an appointment: 202-722-4421

2. Download Registration Packet

Once you see the amazing amounts of academic growth and character development that occur at Lamond, pick up a registration packet from Ms. Teresa Simms (or download forms below).

3. Submit Completed Supporting Documentation

Please be sure to fill out and return all of the following contents of this packet completed in their entirety. If you need assistance in locating a document of specific information feel free to give us a call.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Lamond Team and Family!