Team Lamond

Team Lamond (Our Staff)


Lamond prides itself on hiring high quality staff from diverse backgrounds. To ensure that our scholars receive a world-class education, Lamond provides  our Team & Family with ongoing professional development opportunities to meet the personalized needs of its staff.

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Dr. Chloe Marshall
Regional Director

Diana Tharpe


Gabrielle Montgomery
Regional Academic Coach

Administrative Staff

April Fennell
Office Manager

Teresa Simms
Enrollment Specialist / Data Manager




Shared Personnel

Ty Moore
HR Manager


Trina Gross
Compliance Manager

Ernest Cotton
ELL Coordinator


Tamara Clarke
LEA SPED Coordinator

PreK Academy

Seline Paulino
 PreK 3 Teacher

Domeecia Pinkney
 PreK 3 Paraprofessional

Aleksandra Fazlipour
PreK 3 Teacher

Pamala Greene
 PreK 3 Paraprofessional

Lorena Salgado
 PreK 3 Teacher


Ana Cruz
 PreK 3 Paraprofessional

Lois Goodheart
 PreK 4 Teacher

Vanita Goodheart
PreK 4 Paraprofessional


K-1 Academy

Heather Grondalski
 Kindergarten Teacher

Dolores Stubbs
 Kindergarten Teacher

Stephanie Shelton
Grade 1 Teacher

Kimyatta Campbell
 Grade 1 Teacher






2-5 Academy

Michele Smith
 Grade 2

Anzjole Callahan
 Grade 2 

Joy Moreland
Grade 3

Sameya Frazier
 Grade 3
Academy Leader

Sun Kim
 Grade 4


Teresa Lampley
 Grade 5

Arts & Athletics

Nicholas Fennell, Physical Education

Kinya Young-Myrie, Music & Academy Leader

Berkley Brooks, Library Media

Adrian Henry, Art

Scholar Services

Director of Scholar Support
Tamara Clarke

SPED Coordinator
Barbara Hammond-Awitta


ELL Coordinator
Ernest Cotton, ELL Coordinator
Darrell Bean, ELL Assistant

School Psycologist
Carl Obeng

Social Worker
Jessica Coleman


Curtis McNeil
 Facilities Manager

Edward Burgess
Day Facilities

John Edmonds

Michael Morgan
Cafeteria Manager

Maria Guiterrez
Cafeteria Assistant