Six Measures of Excellence

Our Six Measures of Excellence are:

Shared Values of integrity, justice, and fun allow every teacher, student, and parent associated with Imagine Schools to unite around common themes that guide our collective behavior.

Parent Choice and Satisfaction are the most reliable indicators of the quality of our schools.

Academic Growth balances instruction in reading, math, science, social studies, and the arts, and is measured by student learning gains as well as proficiency.

Positive Character Development in our schools is a high priority. We strive for growth in students’ character measured by positive changes in behavior and world view.

Economic Sustainability means every school in our family is financially able to stand on its own, which is the best indicator of that school’s ability to continue educating children over the long term.

New School Development enhances our ability to reach more children, more families, and more communities. As we increase our family of schools, more opportunities abound for Imagine Schools’ educators to grow professionally as well.

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