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Announcing our new school app!


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new school app. It is FREE for you to download and is part of our commitment to communicate with parents, delivering the school’s latest news, events, push notifications and much, much more.

mySchoolApp – user set up
When you have downloaded mySchoolApp to your device (phone or tablet) there are just a few things you need to do, to ensure you can get the most from the app.

Once you have selected your school you will be requested to enter your details. This is a once only form and enables the app to identify you to the school. The school app administrator will be able to see your name, email and phone number. We also request you create a PIN, which is private. This will be used if you submit an absence notification via the app, ensuring only you can use this feature.

From the app menu, select Settings.
In this area you can
• update your details
• add additional schools (which use mySchoolApp)
• subscribe to Notification Groups
• choose which language you would prefer to read the app content*

*only visible if the school has taken the languages option

Push Notifications
Push notifications enable the school to notify you of new messages or events without the need for you to actually open the app. It is recommended that you choose to accept push notifications from mySchoolApp, to ensure that you receive important communications, such as a school closure due to snow, early dismissal, etc.

If your school has created notification groups you will see these in settings. Simply opt in, to receive notifications from the groups which are of interest to you. This function enables the school to send messages to specific academies, for example.

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