Student Technology Incentive


Imagine Hope Tolson Technology Incentive

Scholars at Imagine Hope Tolson have access to some of the top academic technology programs.  This year we are implementing a technology incentive program for all students.  In an effort to encourage the use of these programs both in school and at home, we will be tracking students’ progress each week.  At the end of the month we will plan an exciting activity for the top 5 students in each program.  Please see below for the specific requirements for each program.

Reading Eggs


Student performance is based on the number of episodes completed and the amount of ‘eggs’ they accumulate based on the successful completion of each lesson.

Head Sprout


Student performance is based on the number of episodes they complete and the amount of stars they earn for successfully completing each episode.



Student performance is based on the number feet the student has traveled as well as the amount of time they spent on the program.



Student performance is based on the accumulation of golden eggs for all activities completed.


Examples of incentives received at the end of each month include:

  • Movie & Popcorn
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Field Trip
  • Prize Give Away
  • Game Day- Board Games & Video Games
  • Pizza Party





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