About Hope Tolson Community


The Imagine Hope’s Tolson Campus is located at 2917 8th St. NE near the Brookland/CUA metro stop and the Catholic University of America. After a complete renovation, the building was transformed from a former warehouse into a modern school with nearly 30 large classrooms. Tolson’s grand opening was held in 2006 with a ribbon cutting attended by parents, friends, and District dignitaries.

The school’s brightly colored hallways are emblazoned with inspirational quotes, large windows bring in the sun, and a gated playground and play lot provide space for outdoor fun. Tolson’s students include grades PreK3 (preschoolers aged 3) through 8th grade.

Our Vision

It is our vision to create a school environment that helps students gain confidence and hope for their futures, as they acquire a sense of joy and satisfaction that comes through diligent effort and attention to their daily work.

Our Commitment

In Spring of 2016, Hope Community PCS-Tolson became a national accredited school through Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. During this process, our school underwent a rigorous self-study to look at every aspect of our school.

School Quality Report

For schools serving PreK through grade eight, DC PCSB has implemented a new Performance Management Framework (PMF) to assess academic performance. This framework includes data for students in all grades. Please click HERE to view our School Quality Report.

  • A professional staff and content-rich curriculum that challenges students at all levels to achieve.
  • Small communities within the school that enable students to form strong relationships with their peers and adults.
  • A welcoming and respectful environment for each family, and opportunities for families to be involved in many aspects of the school.
  • An emphasis on each student’s positive character development through role-modeling, curricular emphasis, and community service.
  • Financial accountability and stewardship of resources in a way that enables our school to be sustainable.

Our Philosophy

Content – Rich Curriculum

Through the adoption of the Core Knowledge sequence, we provide students with an integrated educational approach that places a heavy emphasis on the arts, music, and literature, in addition to the core subjects that are traditionally covered.

Meaningful Community

We teach students the importance of community by working alongside parents/guardians, our partners and decision makers, and community members in pursuit of our mission.

A Culture that Shapes Character

We consciously work to nurture the character of each student through a staff that teaches and models excellence and the establishment of character-forming rituals and traditions.