Academic Excellence Framework

Academic Excellence Framework


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The Academic Excellence Framework (AEF) defines stakeholder expectations, procedures, and assessments rooted in our shared mission, vision, and values to serve students and families. The full Academic Excellence Framework can be downloaded here.

Imagine Schools is built upon expectations high enough to live up to a child’s potential. In our schools, success means developing character and enriching minds as we graduate students well prepared for college, career, and life. To learn about each of our stakeholders and their expectations and roles please visit: Imagine Schools AEF

Teachers - Plan and Instruct

Create a collaborative culture of high academic expectations and positive character expectations developed through the utilization of a rigorous research based curriculum.

Leaders - Guide and Coordinate

Our leaders promote cultures of high expectations through continuous communication of our vision and mission as well as use data and differentiated strategies to support student learning.

Parents - Partner and Choose

Parents partner collaboratively to produce positive social outcomes for children through evaluating students’ goals, partnering with school staff to ensure success, and celebration of students’ achievements and efforts.

Students - Acquire and Own

Our Students develop academic and character habits to increase learning opportunities through embracing a culture of high academic expectations.

Governing Boards

The governing boards works diligently to establish the vision for student achievement through developing clear, communicable processes and systems that can be measured for success and improvement reports.